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CHANGE is the New Normal: How To Cope, Deal and Thrive

As a change agent for individuals and organizations alike, Laura will show you how to navigate the unpredictability of change by pointing out the personal foundation that each of us needs in order to anchor success and stay on task.

Productivity can still come out of times of great change. Laura will demonstrate which factors need to be in place.

Doing things the same old way will not work now and resistance is futile.  It really is possible to embrace change and come out unscathed.

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Rewrite Your Story to Advance Your Success

We all tell stories.  Brands tell stories. Marketers tell stories and we tell stories to ourselves about what we can or cannot achieve.  The key is to know which stories to believe.

Changing circumstances often require changing stories.  Laura will show you what you need to do.

Based on studies in psychology, neuroscience and the study of success, Laura’s presentation will help your business landscape change!

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The Power of Positive Leadership: Coaching Skills for High Impact Results

Learn from one of the world’s top coaches how to get results from your people like she does for her clients! This presentation will introduce advanced communication and coaching skills as essential tools for maximizing human capital.

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Laura as Spokesperson

A media perennial, a professional actor/entertainer for years, and a gift for seamlessly making your message relevant and authentic, Laura has represented such brands as Zest, Crest Whitestrips, Bell South, Ted X and Tropicana to name a few.

Her campaigns and events are CRAZY good!