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Meet The Lauras

Laura the Keynote Speaker

A performer for years and a twenty-plus-year veteran of executive and life coaching, Laura's presentations are entertaining, informative and far outside the ordinary.

Laura’s infectious enthusiasm will make for a CRAZY success at your event!
Laura the Speaker

Laura the Executive & Life Coach

With over twenty years and tens of thousands of hours coaching people from all walks of life, Laura never assumes she's heard it all.  But, experience does help.  Laura will help you tap the way to bring your crazy, big goals and desires to life.

If everyone says you’re crazy, you’re on the right track!
Laura The Coach


Part Country, Part Sassy, All Glitter
Laura’s Alter Ego & Your Source of Laughter & Learning


It's Time For Crazy

Not ALL crazy is bad. In a time where every industry and social problem is calling for innovation and change, you have to put CRAZY ideas into action to obliterate the status quo. The same goes for your life. Stuff’s not working? Think CRAZY and drive responsibly. People will say your nuts. Laura will show you you’re a genius.
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Meet The Lauras
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Laura's over twenty years of experience have yielded a body of work for you to tap. Laura writes like she speaks so you can have her talk to YOU and get you moving.
The Prosperity Plan
Great thinking + Great action = Extraordinary Results.  The rules have changed. The old strategies of hard work, fitting in, and loyalty no longer guarantee a secure and shiny future. In this inspiring book, Laura B. Fortgang reveals that the most powerful currency today is a deep and unwavering awareness...
Now What?: 90 Days to a New Life Direction
A clear and utterly practical 90-day program for discovering a new direction for your life. In Now What? pioneering life coach Laura Berman Fortgang shares the process that she has used so successfully to help hundreds of clients make major changes in their lives. Whether it's moving...
The Little Book on Meaning: Why We Crave It, How We Create It
A wise and passionate meditation on what truly matters in life. As a prominent self-help author and a pioneer in the field of life coaching, Laura Berman Fortgang has spent decades helping people figure out what they want to do with their lives...
Take Yourself to the Top
If you're looking for job search advice, this book is not for you. If you want to know about writing a résumé, creating a cover letter, honing interview skills, or dressing for success, you're in the wrong place. But if you're willing to take charge of your career like never before...
Living Your Best Life
Being happy doesn't have to be hard, says prominent personal coach Laura Berman Fortgang. We each possess an internal compass that expresses our individual wisdom and points to the things that would most fulfill us. Personal and professional satisfaction, Fortgang believes, comes from...
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What   People   Say   About   Laura

Everyone throughout our client conference kept on referring back to your speech. You unleashed a fabulous energy at the conference that propelled us to new heights. We got the finest evaluations of any conference we’ve run and you were a big part of that accomplishment. Ken Blanchard, Author and CSO,
The Ken Blanchard Companies

Laura Berman Fortgang makes for good TV Producer

Oh, that’s a quotable! Oprah Winfrey
Media Mogul and TV Host

You rocked the house and exceeded our expectations, Laura! Senior District Sales Manager

CABLE truly struck gold with you as the keynote speaker for our Women’s Development Series. Comments are still flooding in! Thank you for your commitment to the furthering and development of women. Claire Evans, Chair, CABLE’s
Women’s Development Series

Bring this speaker to the conference every year. Women’s Food Service Forum
National Conference